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Bob Barker Would Be Proud

October 8, 2008 2 comments

Well, I promised an update on the weekend which I did not do.  Too bad, so sad.  My new TV is distracting.

I’m at work now and I’ve already finished my normal morning stuff and it’s not even 9 yet, so I think that I can spare a few minutes to write.

So, we’re getting more and more settled into the new apartment every day.  I think I only emptied like a box and a half last night, but every little bit makes a difference.  We’re kind of to that point where we have unpacked all of the necessary things and the things that we really like and now we’re to the junk.  I kind of have to realize a place for some things and for others I really have to decide if I really want it.  There is also a lot of paper junk left.  All of that needs to be boxed up for a weekend marathon of paperwork filing.  I would like to get the dining room table first, but I know that if I set that as my deadline, it will never happen.  I think I can safely say that it should be the last thing we do though. There’s a lot of crap there and it’s going to take some dedication.  And some cleanliness.  I don’t think we’ll be successful if there’s still other crap that will distract us.

Both of the cats are doing fine.  Mango is so funny.  He doesn’t even care that we’ve moved.  In the car ride over he and Phoebe went over with Matthew while I ran a quick errand and picked up dinner.  Mango is normally pretty quiet in the car, but Phoebe is always a screamer.  Matt said that Mango joined in with the chorus.  We think he just thought that’s what you do in the car since Phoebe is his only feline role model. When we got to the new place, Phoebe was absolutely pissed.  She didn’t want to be there and she was ready to go.  Mango just got out and looked around and just started having fun exploring.  He’s just like “Oh, so this is different now.  That’s cool!” He’s the most resilient laid back cat I’ve ever seen.

Mango’s chillax nature is a really good thing because he just got…well he got neutered the other day.  I’m sorry Mango’s balls, but you had to go.  He was just a little wobbly when he got home.  He ate dinner and drank water and then settled into his normal routine.  He explored the apartment, ran around, jumped around; it was a normal day for him. It didn’t even take him a day to get back to being totally normal Mango.

So I am just really excited about our new location.  We are so close to so many different things – we’ll even be able to walk to our favourite comic book shop.  It’s awesome.  Matt and I had thought about walking around this weekend, but when we finally got out on Saturday, there was this strange wet stuff coming out of the sky.  It was frightening, so we drove (yeah, that’s rain people; we don’t get a lot of it here in Arizona).  I am hoping that this week or this weekend we’ll have a chance to walk around.  I feel so hip and cool living in Downtown Phoenix.  I love the idea that I’ll be able to walk, bus or light rail wherever I feel the need to go (for the most part).  I haven’t taken the bus to work yet – I’m a little scared to be honest! – but Samuel keeps encouraging me to do it, so if I don’t do it this week, I am determined to do it next week. Here’s hoping!


Finding Inspiration

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Today is Monday and I am sitting down and writing for the first time in a long time.  I think the last time I wrote anything was actually in January.  Whoa, it’s September.  That’s bad.  Typing that just made me realize that I didn’t graduate this year, I graduate last year.  WTF? Where did the last year go?  That is insane.  I’ve been graduated for more than a year. I need to go back to school. I just need to figure out what.  I think my current idea of going to ASU (sorry dad) for my MA in Film and Media studies will work out.  I just have to make sure we don’t move before 2009 when the program starts.

I found this blog online recently.  It’s really a round-about story, but I was playing around on YouTube watching videos of The Indigo – my favourite Japanese pop band (they’re awesome, check them out) and somehow I stumbled upon make-up tutorials for Asian eyes (which I am obviously not).  But I thought the girl was really pretty and she seemed really sweet.  She was very patient and explained what she was teaching really well.  I don’t know, it’s one of those weird connections you start to feel for people across the internets – you feel like you identify with people you’ve never even met and know nothing about.

Anyway, I looked at her profile, saw she had a blog and went to check it out.  Totally intrigued by this person. She is originally from Singapore, went to college in Abilene, Texas, she’s an English major like me, she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life…It just seems like maybe we’re going through some of the same struggles and I can’t stop reading her blog. Long story short – reading her blog has made me miss my blog, so I’m writing on it again.  I have never been that successful about writing on my blog.  I’m inconsistent and I get easily frustrated because I know nobody reads it (I don’t have any friends TO read it…man I am feeling so sorry for myself again) so I just stop because I don’t see the point.

I think it’s time to keep my blog for me. I’ve been using Twitter a lot and I think it’s super awesome.  I think the Twitter and the blog I’ve been reading are mixing together in the inspiration centers of my brain. I think I can look at my Twitter and see my little notes and jog my memory about more things that I want to write. I think it’s a good idea.  We all know how my “good ideas” work out.  Man, I have too many of those…(meaning the ones that turn into dust and blow away).

So this weekend Matthew and I are going to move into our New Apartment. I think the last time I sat down and wrote I wrote about all the promise our current apartment had.  I was sitting up in the loft – a space I’ve set foot into about…5 times in the last 8 months – thinking about possibility. Well, let me tell you.  The “honeymoon” blinders have worn off with this place. I can’t wait to get out.  The space is so inefficiently laid out that (Matt and I calculated this) we are only living in 350 sq. feet of this 1200 sq. foot apartment.  That’s it. It blows.  And we don’t have ANYWHERE to sit and eat.  Eating out of my lap got so old a long time ago. First thing I’m buying is a dining room table.

We’re getting rid of pretty much all of our furniture except for the three or four pieces that we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of.  We’re keeping the bed (of course! That thing is a sleep number; it’s awesome!!), the couch/fouton (although I think we’ll eventually replace it.  Not right away, but maybe within a year?), my japanese carved table, my japanese carved bar and Matt’s coffee table.  That’s it. We’re getting rid of the TVs too.  We’re going all out and we’re going to get a 50″-flat-pannel so tremendously awesome it melts your face TV.  We have a PS3 people – we need the HD.  I’ve heard that PixelJunk Eden looks so awesome on HD, I’m missing out.  Since we’re doing that, we won’t be buying new TVs for YEARS so this is about the investment.

The New Apartment is also awesomely close to my job. It is right on the new Light Rail line, just like work is.  I DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE TO WORK ANYMORE! It’s awesome.  Well, starting in December when it actually opens. I fucking HATE driving.  I love that I won’t have to anymore.  It’s more space than we’re living in now and I’m somewhat excited. I don’t want to move in and in 3 months hate it and want t move out like I did with this apartment. I’m working to make sure I get rid of as much crap before we move.  I hope I’m successful and I hope it works.  We just have so much crap.  I don’t understand how two people can have so much stuff. And I know we don’t have as much as some people. It’s really sad actually the amount of crap we have. It’s so sad how much stuff we have and how much stuff we want.  I fell like I always want something more, something new, stuff stuff stuff.  We need to break this cycle.  It’s bad for us, it’s bad for the environment, it’s just bad.

Well, I wrote a lot. We’ll see how well this keeps up. I hope my inspiration doesn’t run out.  I feel so down about myself when I’m lacking in inspiration.  I need to make sure I keep finding it.