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I’m a Little Busy [Weekend Openings Preview]

So I’m a little busy this week – I have to have my application to grad school finished by next Wednesday. Here’s a brief preview of what’s coming out this weekend:

Wide Release

My Sister’s KeeperThe premise of this movie really bothers me.  Parents have one kid who gets cancer or lukemia – one of those terrifying horrible diseases no one wants to see children afflicted with.  So naturally, they decide to have a 2nd child – as a backup so that Kid #2 can function as a doner for if/when older sister needs replacement parts.  I understand that this was also the premise for a book of the same title.  Wow, that’s a pretty fucked up premise.  And this is supposed to be the uplifting feel good movie of the summer?  I’m not interested.  The Tomato Meter at Rotten Tomatoes is a 40%, but the top critics are giving at 60%.  That’s not really enough to get me into the theatre.

Transformers: Revenge of the FallenNot.  Interested.  I didn’t like the first one.  There was always too much moving on screen during the action sequences.  Half the time I had no clue what I was supposed to be seeing.  The story was completely unimpressive, I don’t like Shia LaBeouf, I don’t think I like Megan Fox and I was just pretty much bored.  A movie about freaking awesome transforming cars should be freaking awesome.  Not visually confusing and boring.  Now they’ve made a 2nd one?  It’s going to be more of the same stuff.  Nothing new.  Not.  Interested.  From the looks of the Tomato Meter the critics weren’t interested either.

So it’s another slow week (at least as far as I’m concerned) at the box office.  We had a great start to the summer season and we’ve officially hit the slump.  I hope things start to pick up soon.


The Bottom Line on “Watchmen” (2009)

Note: This is the first in what will hopefullly be a serires of movie reviews titled “The Bottom Line”.

If you are a fan of Allan Moore’s Watchmen, then the movie will provide you with some of the highest highs I’ve seen achieved in a cinematic adaptation of a graphic novel. But in the last ten minutes, you’ll be taken on a downward plunge through the ending that will leave you bitter and betrayed (especially if you are a Dr. Manhattan fan). Anyone in the audience lucky (or unlucky enough depending on how you view of Allan’s work) enough to have not read the novel will have absolutely no clue what’s just been done to them.

The bottom line on Watchmen is if you are a fan I do recommend seeing the movie, but don’t let the 2 hours and 33 minutes leading up to the climax get your hopes up. If you’re like me the graphic novel blew your mind. The movie will take you on a wild crime-fighting, mystery-solving romp and then swiftly break your heart. Hopefully my pain will save you some of your own. If you’re not a fan and you’re being introduced to Watchmen for the first time, this should be an enjoyable film for you – you don’t have expectations and for the most part, this is actually a good film – but you would be selling yourself short if you only ever saw the movie and never read the original work and saw the ending as it was originally intended.

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