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Some Links!

January 27, 2010 2 comments

I recently added some links to the Links section of my blog that I thought you should check out. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

The Mind Cemetery – Kingpotato (!) writes this blog. Mostly consisting of video game reviews, The Mind Cemetery also dabbles in the art of ranting, movie reviewing and finding sexy pictures of video game cosplayers (the Tekken girls in the 2nd link are my personal favourites).  I’m particularly fond of the video game reviews; Kingpotato pinpoints the best and worst in video games and wraps them all up with an arbitrary review system every time.

With an easy to remember url ( The Mind Cemetary is a great place to get a pop culture fix.

the awesome man’s burden – Formerly just “chako’s blog”, the awesome man’s burden features variety of humorous posts. My personal favourites are the “stern letters” in which Chako posts actual letters he sends to actual companies (check out this gem he sent to McDonald’s and their later reply) and the short stories. The first series A Zombie Story just recently finished while the 2nd round CHUD is just taking off.

There’s way more to find at the awesome man’s burden and my drunken friend is always coming up with new bits to keep us entertained. Sporting a super classy url (  I highly recommend bookmarking the awesome man’s burden. It’ll keep you laughing.

Birchwood Falls – I used to be involved in Play By Email RPGs (PBEM RULES!) when I was in middle school/high school. My friend Storm expressed wanting some kind of creative writing outlet and PBEM was the first thing I thought of! But alas, research has revealed that the medium is all but dead.

Using some of her own fabulous ingenuity, Storm developed Birchwood Falls – a fictional town with fabulous people living their lives. Written by about half a dozen of us, it’s just getting started. If you’re interested in creative writing and want to join in with a group, we’re always looking for new residents. Rules are still being established, so come help be a part of our community’s development!

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