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I has a good morning!

April 30, 2009 Leave a comment

The following was transcribed from a chat monologue I subjected my friend to.  Names have been changed to protect the poor bastards who associate with me.


Okay king of monologues. Are you ready for a big monologue?


Yes, I’m still doing my task but I’ll look over from time to time ūüėõ



Okay, so it all started when I woke up late this morning and I didn’t take a shower last night, so I had to take one this morning. So when I was finished getting ready, I didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast. I usually have Slim Fast for breakfast, but I’m out, so I would have had to fix something, so no time. But it was too early to leave. So I thought, that’s okay, I’ll leave early and pick up something when I get to downtown.

I get my gear, head out to the train and wait. While I’m waiting for the train I play with my camera a little bit and learn some cool new things about it and figure out what different things mean. Good morning so far, I’ve learned about my camera.

I get on the train, play with my camera for another couple of minutes and then decide it’s time to work on my checklist for the day (which I’ve started doing on the train). So, I finish my checklist and flip to the section of my notebook where I keep magazine articles and photos that I’ve cut out to review later. I read this awesome article about a house that’s uber sustainable and think it’s super cool.

(BRB have to help a student)


(wow. That was like 5 students all at once. Back to the story)

So, then I was like, hey where’s that office space I was talking to JKB about yesterday? I must be getting close. I put my notebook away and look up and I think that’s weird, I don’t recognize that building. Oh well, I’ll just keep riding and then I’ll see it. The next stop I get to is 3rd Street and Jefferson. I freaking missed my stop and did’t realize it unitl two stops later.

At this point, it’s like 10 till 8 and I have to decide if it’s easier to wait for a train going the other way or to walk to Cronkite. I decide that it’s a pretty morning, it’s not too hot and it would take me just as long to wait for another train, so I start to walk.

About half a block later, I get a text from Kingpotato saying “Stan Lee is going to be in Phoenix for Free Comic Book Day at Dave’s Comic, Cards and Games”.


Having received the awesome news that the grandfather of my childhood will be here this weekend to possibly autograph one of my comics and take a picture with me (please, baby Jesus, make this happen) I enjoy the rest of my walk.

I stop into the store at Taylor Place to buy my Big Bottle of Water for the day and run into Trig. Then I go to Starbux and get some iced green tea ‘cuz by now I’m a little warm. I run into The Associate Dean and have a nice chat with him on the way to the building and get to work.

And to top the whole morning off, just now when I had to help a student, it was this girl who wears the most AWFUL thing. It’s this tiny black vest thingy about the size of a bra that she wears on top of this super thin white wife beater. It is so horrible. You can see her belly button and the tone of her flesh through the shirt. I don’t know why she thinks it’s appropriate to wear that, or to wear it as often as she does. I’ve seen it a couple of times in person and seen photographic evidence of it being worn at parties.

So, this morning I learned some stuff, read some good stuff, had an adventure, heard some awesome news, ran into a good friend, got some delicious iced tea (and I forgot to mention that I got a doughnut too), had a nice chat with someone I don’t talk to very often, and then saw my FAVOURITE fashion train wreck I’ve ever encountered.

Good day.



My brain hurts so bad. You’re going to blog this right?




You should just copy and paste this convo. Wow.


That’s exactly what I was going to do! Dude, you read my mind.


Great minds.


Bob Barker Would Be Proud

October 8, 2008 2 comments

Well, I promised an update on the weekend which I did not do.  Too bad, so sad.  My new TV is distracting.

I’m at work now and I’ve already finished my normal morning stuff and it’s not even 9 yet, so I think that I can spare a few minutes to write.

So, we’re getting more and more settled into the new apartment every day. ¬†I think I only emptied like a box and a half last night, but every little bit makes a difference. ¬†We’re kind of to that point where we have unpacked all of the necessary things and the things that we really like and now we’re to the junk. ¬†I kind of have to realize a place for some things and for others I really have to decide if I really want it. ¬†There is also a lot of paper junk left. ¬†All of that needs to be boxed up for a weekend marathon of paperwork filing. ¬†I would like to get the dining room table first, but I know that if I set that as my deadline, it will never happen. ¬†I think I can safely say that it should be the last thing we do though. There’s a lot of crap there and it’s going to take some dedication. ¬†And some cleanliness. ¬†I don’t think we’ll be successful if there’s still other crap that will distract us.

Both of the cats are doing fine. ¬†Mango is so funny. ¬†He doesn’t even care that we’ve moved. ¬†In the car ride over he and Phoebe went over with Matthew while I ran a quick errand and picked up dinner. ¬†Mango is normally pretty quiet in the car, but Phoebe is always a screamer. ¬†Matt said that Mango joined in with the chorus. ¬†We think he just thought that’s what you do in the car since Phoebe is his only feline role model. When we got to the new place, Phoebe was absolutely pissed. ¬†She didn’t want to be there and she was ready to go. ¬†Mango just got out and looked around and just started having fun exploring. ¬†He’s just like “Oh, so this is different now. ¬†That’s cool!” He’s the most resilient laid back cat I’ve ever seen.

Mango’s chillax nature is a really good thing because he just got…well he got neutered the other day. ¬†I’m sorry Mango’s balls, but you had to go. ¬†He was just a little wobbly when he got home. ¬†He ate dinner and drank water and then settled into his normal routine. ¬†He explored the apartment, ran around, jumped around; it was a normal day for him. It didn’t even take him a day to get back to being totally normal Mango.

So I am just really excited about our new location. ¬†We are so close to so many different things – we’ll even be able to walk to our favourite comic book shop. ¬†It’s awesome. ¬†Matt and I had thought about walking around this weekend, but when we finally got out on Saturday, there was this strange wet stuff coming out of the sky. ¬†It was frightening, so we drove (yeah, that’s rain people; we don’t get a lot of it here in Arizona). ¬†I am hoping that this week or this weekend we’ll have a chance to walk around. ¬†I feel so hip and cool living in Downtown Phoenix. ¬†I love the idea that I’ll be able to walk, bus or light rail wherever I feel the need to go (for the most part). ¬†I haven’t taken the bus to work yet – I’m a little scared to be honest! – but Samuel keeps encouraging me to do it, so if I don’t do it this week, I am determined to do it next week. Here’s hoping!