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The Power of Less Challenge

December 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Leo Babauta the writer of Zen Habits, The Power of Less and some other blog I think I’m forgetting has issued a challenge to his readers.  He has set up a forum for us to hold ourselves accountable to start a new habit for 10 minutes a day.  The brilliance of this challenge is that we are only going to work on it for 30 days (for now) so that whatever we want to do will become a “habit”.

I’ve already headed on over to the forum and posted my personal goal and in the process picked up a second (but I vow not to take on more than that because I don’t want to be overwhelmed and then feel guilty).  Part of the challenge is encouragement to publically commit to our goals.  This is something that Leo has done and he raves about the positive support he gets from his readers.  I am hoping that any of you out there will be encouraged to take up your own challenge and to help me complete my own!

My goals:

1) Set up gym bag every day when I get home.  I am hoping that this simple goal will turn into a domino effect.  If I pack the bag, I’ll leave it by the door.  If I leave it by the door, I will see it on my way out every morning and remember to take it to work with me.  If I take it to work with me every morning, I will leave it in a visible place at my desk.  If I leave it visible at my desk I won’t forget to walk across the street and get some exercise.  I think I am going to put an inspirational message on the top of the bag that I will see every time I look at it and I’ve already started looking at and saving some photos that I want to use for inspiration so that I won’t forget what I am working towards.

2) Write something every day.  This may be a complete blog post, the start of a blog post, a little note in my personal journal, a made up story, anything.  I just need to get back in the habit of writing. 

Well, my timer just rang, so day one is down for habit number one!  Habit number two will begin tomorrow.  Wish me luck!