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I’m a Hitman

February 16, 2009 Leave a comment

My dad sent me this quizz on Facebook today.  I don’t know if the results are going to show up on my page, but I thought the results were pretty awesome, so I wanted to make sure it was logged somewhere – you know, for posterity and such.

Here it is, in all it’s glory, what kind of gang member am I?

You’re a HITMAN!

I’m gonna stay the hell away from you, you’re f****in dangerous! Not only are you nuts, you’re completely sane while you’re nuts. Cool, calm, and calculating, nobody wants to mess with you. Gangs don’t force you to join, they recruit you. You’re the muscle behind the madness and the lead chair for the criminal orchestra. You could very well be a gang boss, but I think you actually prefer getting your hands dirty you sick f***. I know what you did to those animals growing up. Sickening. For criminals like you I recommend, being a hit man, ordering hits, ransom, extortion, writing Facebook apps, white label crime, bank robberies, and more lofty criminal sh**.

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