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4 Days to Launch

November 18, 2008 2 comments

It’s Cronkite Week – probably the busiest week we will have this year after the move.  Things are going pretty well so far.  Except for the Matchmaker stalking us and trying to promote her creepy services.  The title of her company sucks too.  It’s one of those accronym names that she clearly said “I want my name to create this acronym” and then came up with words to fill it out.

For example, let’s pretend that I wanted to name my pottery company P.A.R.T.S.  So Then I come up with the words that fit….Pottery At Rediculoius and Timely Savings.  Well, that’s not too bad.  Hers was worse…I think I lost the card though.  I think hers was something like S.P.I.E.S.  Singles Preoccupied with Interviewing Especially Selective or something stupid like that.  Good luck with that Green Shoes Lady.  Because your company name really makes me NOT want to use your services.  Please go away now.  You lose.

So after Cronkite Week I am going on vacation!!!!  I am so excited.  I will be in Germany to visit my parents.  We shall wine and dine.  Maybe go to France, maybe go to another country.  It will be great.  Days until launch: 4.


The Homelife

November 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Things at work are getting really crazy.  Next week is Cronkite Week – a week long grand opening celebration for our new building.  Normally at this time of year we have the Cronkite Luncheon where Walter Cronkite comes down to Pheonix to give his award to someone who is an awesome journalist (last year: Jane Pauley; this year: Lehrer and MacNeil), but this time since we have new and exciting things, we have about 4 events per day and then have the luncheon on the last day.  My buddy Kelli (who I believe I’ve talked about already) is the captain of this crazy event filled ship.  I don’t know how she’s doing it – I stayed more than two hours late today and I don’t have nearly as much to do as she does.

I ended up staying late at work, but Matthew was awesome enough to pick me up so I wouldn’t have to take the bus and then he treated me to Taco Bell.  Now I’m sitting with my computer in my lap while he plays the demo for Left 4 Dead.  It’s nice to be able to come home to an apartment I actually like and do some things I enjoy.  Writing is always fun for me and I love to watch Matthew play video games.  I get to watch him play a bunch of different games that I would probably never play or lose interest in (I think my lack of skills hold me back – I enjoy more casual games for the most part Fantasy style RPGs are just about the only thing that pull me out of my regular genre).  The stories and events are always fun to watch so I get to see games that I wouldn’t otherwise.  Since he’s trying to break into the video game industry I think he has a great appreciation for the simple causal games that I enjoy and we play them together a lot as well.  It’s a really nice dynamic that we have going.  We are truly a household based on gaming.  It’s great that we can share hobbies and that our hobby allows us to have totally different tastes so it keeps things interesting.  We have the same thing going on with comic books (Matt just told me that the new Old Man Logan came out today – SWEEEET!!! Can’t wait to read it!!) too.  Wow; we’re nerds.

I just looked over and Matthew’s cat Mango is being super cute.  This cat is so awesome.  He’s extremely friendly and curious and he enjoys spending time with us – he even likes to sit on our laps and get petted.  He’s the total opposite of my cat, Phoebe, who is totally happy being completely independent and almost never being touched.  He’s so fascinated by everything too and he likes water in particular.  Every morning he jumps in between our two shower curtins and watches the patterns the water makes on the plastic sheet.  I don’t think he gets what we do in there either and even though he’s been with us for about 4 months he still can’t figure out why we would ever want to get totally wet every day.  So in honor of Mango’s awesomeness, here are some shots of what we get to see every day while taking our showers.  No, I did not take pictures while I was bathing.  This was a daytime-clothed-no water shoot.