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Alright, I made it through another class.  Some of you might have seen this declaration on my twitter.  Clearly I was very happy about my A.  I’d been very stressed about my grade in that class.  Work was kicking my ass and I was absolutely convinced I was going to do poorly in the class.  Yay for unexpected A’s!

I went to Phoenix Comicon!  It was amazing.  I only made it on the last day, so I didn’t do too much, but it definitely got me excited to go next year.  I got to see Stan Lee talk in a panel.  He was very funny and had excellent answers to every question.  I mean EVERY question.  Even the really stupid and awkward questions he managed to turn around and make magic with.  That’s the work of a master.  Stan Lee is the man.  I also got a comic (Magdalena #1!) signed by one of my all time favourite artists Eric Basaluda.  Whenever he does the cover for something I find myself picking it up.  I started reading Beyond Wonderland for a while because he was doing the covers, but I quickly lost interest in the series.  E Bas was really cool and a super nice guy.  I handed him two comics to sign (one for me and one for Kingpotato) and he knew right away which one was mine – guess he knows the ladies like the Magdalena.

Kingpotato and I are trying to get our office put together so I have a dedicated place to do homework and work at a desk.  We really need to get it put together.  I’ve been reading a lot of design blogs lately that have all given me some great ideas.  I like Chez Larson because everything is so clean and white and simple.  Obviously, I couldn’t really live with so much white, but the simplicity of everything she does is very inspiring and I’m loving her 375 photography series.  I’ve also been really enjoying The Office Stylist.  Sayeh is always posting really cool accessories and giving great ideas for decorating on a theme.  I also love the profiles she does on different office environments.  The Office Stylist is currently running a contest to win an IdeaPaint 20 square foot kit so if you’ve ever wanted to try out dry erase paint you should enter (blogging about the contest gets you 5 entries, so I’m shamelessly entering :P).

So my next big goal is to get that damn office put together so Kingpotato and I have a place to read and work.  I think I’ll post my ideas up soon.  Because let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a Megan project if I didn’t spend all of my time planning and not actually doing 😛

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