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Ferris Bueller TV Show?

Did you know that in 1990 NBC decided it would be a good idea to back a Ferris Bueller TV show?  I stumbled upon this gem (if you could call it that) the other day while talking about the movie with a couple friends.   The first three and a half minutes are available on YouTube (see below).

The first time I watched it, I got about 30 seconds in before I wanted to turn it off (yes, it’s that bad).  But I’m glad I stuck around, because America’s TV Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, makes a surprise appearance as Jeanie Bueller.  Based on the 5 seconds she gets on screen, it’s pretty apparent that the TV version of Jeanie is pretty much high school Rachel Green.

Somehow this show made it to 13 episodes before NBC realized they’d made a mistake and pulled the plug.  It’s hard to tell which mistake was bigger. Making a television show based on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, giving it a title as inspiring as “Ferris Bueller” (really, that’s the best they could think up?), or deciding to make a direct reference to the film itself (watch the clip to see what I’m talking about).

There’s also the fact that the lead roll was poorly cast.  Charlie Schlatter lacks all of the charisma that Matthew Broderick brought to the movie role – which is 100% of why I wanted to turn the show off before (TV) Ferris could finish his opening line.  Schlatter has never really done anything huge with his career – probably the biggest thing he did was Heartbreak Hotel.  More recently he’s mostly done voice over work for things like The Batman (he’s The Flash!) and Kim Possible.  He did make it into a couple Metal Gear games, which is gives him a couple coolness points, but one of the voices he did was for Raiden so he gets at least one negative point for that.

If you’re interested in a little bit of TV history with a surprise Jennifer Aniston, check out the video.  But don’t feel bad if you turn it off before it’s over.

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  1. February 25, 2010 at 1:23

    Jennifer Aniston playing the same character she always does??? I don’t see how that is possible. lol

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